varshi shraddha pooja


varshi shraddha pooja

Annual Shraddha Puja is an ancient Hindu religious tradition celebrated as Akhand Pitru Puja. Shraddha Puja is known from the Sanskrit word “Shraddha”, which means “to pay obeisance or respect”. During this puja, the souls of the loved ones are remembered and efforts are made to propitiate them. This puja is performed annually during the Pitru Paksha (Pitru Tarpan), which is in the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month according to the Hindu calendar, which roughly falls in the month of September or October.

The annual Shradh Puja includes offering to the ancestors, charity, brahmin food, religious rituals and prayers for the souls of the ancestors. The family members dedicate their love and memories to the ancestors during Shraddha for their happiness. In addition, during the Shraddha period, people make donations to Brahmins and perform religious rituals such as yagya and punya.

This puja helps in strengthening family bonds, traditions and religious significance and perpetuates the memory of loved ones.

The annual Shraddha Puja (Varshi Shraddha Pooja) is a major Hindu religious event dedicated to worshiping and commemorating the ancestors. This worship is done every year for the peace and happiness of the souls of our ancestors. The annual Shraddha Puja is performed during October–November, when what is called Pitrupaksha usually lasts for 15 days.

In Shradh Puja, efforts are made to please the ancestors by offering food and food to them. For this, worship is done in the Bandhan or areas of Pitrupaksha tied for Pitridevs. In Shradh Puja, mantras are chanted by the pundit and special prayers are offered for the souls of the ancestors.

Shradh Puja is dedicated to the remembrance and memory of the ancestors of the base family and is an important occasion to seek the blessings of the Pitridevas. It is the time to seek blessings for their soul’s peace, happiness, and liberation.

It is recommended to follow the advice and instruction of Pandits or Purohits for Shraddha Puja, as they can help you perform the Puja methodically and have knowledge of proper rituals and mantras.

The annual Shraddha Puja (Varshi Shraddha Pooja) is a major Hindu worship occasion specially celebrated for the memory of ancestors and for the peace of the soul. This puja is performed on Amavasya Tithi according to the Hindu calendar and is performed during Shraddha Paksha, which occurs in the month of Chaitra and Ashwin.

In the annual Shraddha puja, gifts of food, water, donations, pind etc. are given for the peace of the souls of the ancestors. This worship is mainly dedicated to the memory and spiritual purification of the ancestors of the old and previous generations. During the Shradh Puja, religious practices such as recitation of holy words, recitation of mantras, lighting of fire, aarti etc. are followed.

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Annual Shradh Puja is performed every few years, when family members remember the memory of the ancestors and perform Shradh for them. It is a pious tradition that people recognize with religious motives and wish for the salvation of their forefathers’ souls.

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