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Why Importance of Matrugaya

This third is considered to be the mother of Saydepur. The issue of financial assistance to the debt of the mother of 16 masses. The city of Tarth is the mother of the last race and the father of Gaia is in Sarada.

It is located in the city of Sarade Sidapur. Mahamuni Kapiladu for preaching his mother’s life from coaching in Devahuti to Sankyajna. It can be created from the mother. The duty of every son is to bring the soul of his deceased mother to rest in peace. Bolt gets an exemption from his mother.

The city of Siddhapur is located in the Sarideh Dahvidi Bindosarwar. Kanyayana Muni says, “River Saraswati and the shore of Lake Bindu are the mother of the mother of salvation.”

The family is built on the word faith. Glory revealed, always the faith of the parents is always from the Spirit forever. There are two types of sradhyavidhi, direct and indirect. These are the true rites of the Brahmins as direct parents of sitting in Sarda.

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We are the Purohit and Pandaji of Matrugaya Tirth Kshetra, Siddhpur, for the whole Maharastra Gour, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttranchal, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Gujarat and all Hindu who lives in India and NRI. We provide the services of Pind Daan (Pind Dann) in Gaya, Shradh in Gaya, and Dosh Nirwaran Pooja, Tarpan in Gaya.

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